Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Most One-Sided Game In Premier League History

The Most One-Sided Game In Premier League History

By one-sided game I mean one-sided shots count. And I am just guessing at the IN PREMIER LEAGUE HISTORY bit, although Manchester City's title winning game, where the home side outshot QPR 44-3, is likely to be the most one side game on record.

Manchester City took a shot against QPR's goal every 131 seconds during this game. The then soon-to-be-champions were shooting at a ferocious pace in this game and as the chart below illustrates score effects and the sheer urgency of the situation led to ever more frequent shooting from the home side.

The second half of the game on that title-winning day saw Manchester City take a shot every 90 seconds. Staggering stuff. It very nearly ended in tragicomic farce but for that goal

Full Size Chart (LINK)

That Goal